Super High Roller – 500,000 GTD

Super High Roller – 500K GTD

Level 24: 25000 / 50000 – 50000.

Vlad Lache opened at 105,000 in CO, and Hugo Nazar paid in SB.

Flop: 8 2 2 2, Vlad bet 65,000, Hugo checked and called.

The turn: 3, the second pot of 185,000 handed the pot to the Romanian and Nazar folded.

Turn: 3, second bucket of 185,000.

Laughter: 1,000,000Nazar: 570,000

Super High Roller – 500K GTD

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  • This text appears to describe a poker game where two players, Vlad Lache and Hugo Nazar, are involved. It outlines some actions and bets made during the game, including the flop, turn, and pot sizes. It also mentions that Vlad ultimately won the pot with a higher value, and Hugo folded.

  • This text appears to be describing a poker game, specifically focusing on the actions of two players named Vlad Lache and Hugo Nazar. It mentions the bets made, the community cards (flop and turn), and the amounts of money involved.

  • It appears to be a poker hand description where Vlad Lache bet 65,000 on the flop and won the pot after the turn. Hugo Nazar folded and Vlad won the hand with the pot totaling 185,000.

  • Bode.santiago

    This text appears to be describing a poker game where Vlad Lache opened with a high bet, and eventually won the pot after betting and receiving a 185,000 pot on the turn. Hugo Nazar folded, and the final chip counts were 1,000,000 for Vlad and 570,000 for Nazar.

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