Exclusive Interview: August Ranking Great Champion “Rodrigo27”

Exclusive Interview: August Ranking Great Champion...

The player “Rodrigo27” from Argentina achieved a very difficult and worthy achievement in the last LATAM LEAGUE at 888poker, so we were interested to know more about the back of his avatar, which is all Online – the players have.

Interviewer:Rodrigo, first of all, congratulations on becoming the Latin American League champion in August. With one winner and two runners-up, you really stand out! How long have you been playing poker, specifically at 888poker?

Rodrigo: I started playing poker in May 2020. My first platform was 888poker. I barely knew the rules of the game at the time and started building my credibility through the numerous freerolls out there. In fact, this is an incredible opportunity because it can be difficult for beginners to make the decision to fund their account to encourage them to get started.

Initially I played Sit And Go and as I felt more confident I started playing micro tournaments, always along with freerolls and SNGs. As time went on and my bankroll grew, I was encouraged to enter bigger tournaments such as the $109 Main Event. I’m currently playing Cash No Limit 2 with the aim of improving and increasing my stakes.

Interviewer: What are your best results live and online?

Rodrigo: My best online result came at the Big Shot 109 Main Event, where I placed 134th out of 1,008 players and won $315 . I also finished first out of 514 players in the 888poker $500 PKO 6-Max event. My personal best result was 2nd place in an MTT event with 40 players for around $100.

Interviewer: You spent time learning poker, how, where, and what advice can you give us?

Rodrigo: Yes, I took the time to learn poker and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve doing this. In particular, I learned about tournaments from Zero’s poker courses and learned about cash with the help of experienced trainers. I also think it’s important to keep an eye on bankroll development and your opponent’s statistics. Learning how to use the HUD is one of the best things you can learn about online poker.

Interviewer: Is it better to play online or live? , which one do you prefer?

Rodrigo: I think playing online is better for a few reasons. On the one hand, availability is permanent and games can be played in parallel on multiple tables, speeding up the learning process. In a live game, it’s important to practice gestures, storytelling, and patience. On the other hand, the advantage of playing online is that you can easily keep track of your opponent’s statistics via the HUD, which can make difficult decisions easier. Finally, in Argentina at least, it’s cheaper/easier to play online because the buy-in prices are much cheaper than in casinos or other live events. I had the opportunity to travel to Brazil, where poker was declared a mind sport and sports clubs developed significantly, with tournaments held around the clock.

I think face-to-face games are more important than face-to-face games. It’s even better if you’ve gained enough online experience and are ready to add another level of difficulty and complexity to your game.

Interviewer: What improvements and can you give us any suggestions for the next Latin American league?

Rodrigo: Overall, I think the league is very good, it’s become fantastic. A meeting place for Spanish people. There was a good atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship among the players who spoke. Personally, it has allowed me to meet new colleagues. The limited rebuy tournament format is very comfortable for me because it allows us all to play more seriously and responsibly. It’s also worth mentioning that I, along with several other players, qualified for free tournaments on all dates of the league, which increased participation and made the proposal more interesting.

As a suggestion, I will say that I would like a bigger prize pool like the last date.

Interviewer: What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the poker industry? ?

Rodrigo: I have a few pieces of advice, all equally valuable, the most important of which is: manage your credit responsibly and never play more than 10% The balance of the level. Always remember, this is a game and the possibility of failure is potential. If this happens, don’t be frustrated. Luck may happen to you in a moment, but making the right decisions will reduce risk in the long run. Especially for tournament players, variance has a greater impact.

Finally, study a lot, there are many concepts, formulas, and strategies that can improve your game and understanding. I would like to thank my study group and competition partners. Mainly Natalia, Fernando, Matute, Chiru, Emi and Chino.

Thank you for all your knowledge and support.

Interviewer:Thank you for your time, see you at the poker table!

Exclusive Interview: August Ranking Great Champion...

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    Overall, this text provides an interesting interview with Rodrigo27, a poker player from Argentina. He discusses his journey in poker, his achievements, and shares some advice for those looking to enter the poker industry.

    The text highlights Rodrigo’s dedication and growth as a player, starting from knowing little about the game to becoming a champion in the Latin American League. He emphasizes the importance of learning and recommends taking the time to improve one’s poker skills.

    Rodrigo also discusses the advantages of playing online poker, such as availability, the ability to play on multiple tables, and the use of HUD to track opponent statistics. He suggests that playing online is more cost-effective in Argentina compared to live games.

    Additionally, Rodrigo expresses his satisfaction with the Latin American League, mentioning the camaraderie among the players and the comfort of the limited rebuy tournament format. He suggests having a bigger prize pool for future events.

    Overall, this text provides interesting insights into Rodrigo’s journey in poker and offers valuable advice for aspiring players.

  • The text provides an interview with Rodrigo27, a poker player from Argentina, who achieved success in the LATAM LEAGUE at 888poker. Rodrigo shares his experiences and insights into playing poker, particularly at 888poker. He talks about his journey as a beginner and his growth as a player. He also discusses the advantages of playing poker online and shares advice on learning and improving in the game.

    Overall, the text gives a positive impression of Rodrigo’s achievements and highlights his dedication to learning and improving in poker. The interview provides some useful insights for those interested in getting into the poker industry, emphasizing the importance of learning and practicing extensively.

    However, it would have been more engaging if the text delved deeper into the specific strategies and techniques Rodrigo used to become successful in the game. Additionally, it would have been interesting to hear more about Rodrigo’s future goals and aspirations in the poker world.

  • This text provides valuable insights into the journey of a successful poker player from Argentina, Rodrigo27, and his experiences in the Latin American League at 888poker. Rodrigo’s progression from freerolls to micro tournaments and finally to bigger events reflects his dedication to the game and his willingness to learn and improve.

    His advice on the importance of learning from experienced trainers, keeping track of bankroll development, and using tools like the HUD in online poker are definitely helpful for aspiring players. His preference for online play due to its convenience, availability, and the ability to track opponents’ statistics are also valid points to consider.

    Overall, Rodrigo’s success story and advice can serve as inspiration and guidance for those looking to enter the poker industry. His positive experience in the Latin American League and suggestions for improvements show his passion for the game and desire to see it grow in the region.

  • It seems like Rodrigo27 from Argentina has had a successful journey in the world of online poker, starting as a beginner and gradually building his skills and bankroll. He offers some valuable advice for those looking to improve their game, such as taking the time to learn, keeping track of bankroll development, and utilizing resources like HUD. Rodrigo also shares his preference for online poker over live games, citing the availability of games and the ability to play on multiple tables as advantages. It’s clear that he has put in the effort to improve and has seen success as a result. Overall, his insights and experiences provide useful guidance for those interested in entering the poker industry.

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