Breno Bertalia beats FT opponent to win $619,000 in WCOOP Midsize Main Event

Breno Bertalia beats FT opponent to win $619,000 i...

Breno Bertalia had the country’s best finish at the 2023 WCOOP. As a farewell to the festival, he won the Main Event Midsize Championship with a poker lesson in the playoffs. The “BLEFE GOD” account pilot was almost the leader of the entire activity that afternoon, increasing his balance by $619,300.

It was compatriot Victor Pertile who gave Breno the most trouble, but was also badly hit The sevens game can be unforgiving for the team’s grinders. After several preflop raises, both Brazilians ended up with their chips in the middle of the table. Victor had over an 82% chance of doubling his stack when QCheckQ♥ came up against J♣JCheck, but the 5♣3♥J♠9♥5♦ board brought one of Breno’s two outs and he was stuck Dilemma.

With more than half of the chips in the game, Breno controlled the game until he let out a roar of victory. He only needed one move to defeat Jans “Graftekkel” Arends in a duel. Here’s what happened:

The blinds were 1,500,000/3,000,000, the ante was 375,000, Breno went all-in, and Arends checked. When the flop came 8♠QCheckA♦, Breno bet 3,000,000 and got a call. In Round 7, Arends again check-called with a bet of 12,750,000. On the river 3♣, Breno ended up pushing 57,000,000 to the middle of the table. Arends, owner of 42,755,771, announced the call and submitted Q♥3♥. With A♣Q♠, Breno won the pot.

PokerStars registered 4,342 entrants at $1,050, exceeding the $4,000,000 guarantee in the Main Event medium and doling out $4,342,000 in prize money.

Final Result

1. Breno “BLEFE GOD” Bertalia (Brazil) $619,300

2. Jans “Graftekkel” Arends (Netherlands) $437,908

3. graczzz (Poland) $309,647

4. Niklas “DerRappler” Lehnert-Rappel (Austria) $218,953

5. “kerolis” (Lithuania) $154,823

6. “Bababangg” (Malta) $109,476

7. Victor “Per.V7” Pertile (Brazil) $77,411

8. “spud989” (UK) $54,737

9. Piper_kl88 (Austria) $38,705

Breno Bertalia beats FT opponent to win $619,000 i...

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  • This text seems to describe the success of Breno Bertalia at the 2023 WCOOP Main Event. He had a remarkable comeback after facing tough competition and ultimately emerged as the champion, winning a significant prize.

  • This text seems to be describing the success of Breno Bertalia at the 2023 WCOOP, particularly highlighting his victory in the Main Event Midsize Championship and his defeat of Jans Graftekkel Arends. The text provides details of the tournament structure, including the number of entrants and the prize money distribution.

  • I think the text is describing Breno Bertalia’s impressive victory at the 2023 WCOOP Main Event Midsize Championship. He showed skill and determination in defeating his opponents and ultimately winning a significant prize.

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