ACR’s “mistakes” happen frequently, and other players suffer from them too

Complaints about ACR's

Victor Pertile reports on something he couldn’t believe happened over the past few days. One of the hands he played on the site was so corrupted by a site error that the platform didn’t even record it in its so-called “hand history.”

To-do list anyway: Victor Pertile made a hand on the river and folded a huge bluff to win a pot of 57 blinds that would have given him over 110 blinds. That stack would make him the clear chip leader in the four-way draw, with the winner taking home $44,000, the runner-up “with just 44 blinds,” and the other two within 10 blinds.

On late in the game, however, after the opponent folded, ACR displayed a card with the following message: “This hand was a mistake. The chips will be reset to the start of the hand. the previous amount, and a new hand was dealt. Pertile’s chips were again at 72.49 blinds, while the opponent involved was at 71.93 blinds.

Pertile felt he had been wronged and has since publicly inquired about the case. He said: The event ended in second place, behind the opponent involved in the hand, “LappyPoker” Justin Lapka. But he still received no reply and a quick search on Twitter revealed that ACR had appeared again ” Wrong trade” issue.

Some players have reported the same problem as the Brazilian pro – all in disbelief. And in different years. For example, in 2019, user Jake Hershey wrote: “I have never seen the wrong hand dealt on a poker site. How could this happen? “@ACR_POKER? User “OpusDogPoker” was also angry: “@ACR_POKER wait…what?” ! ? ! ? Why are the wrong cards dealt in online poker? This has happened twice…you are wearing us all out,” he also wrote in 2019.

For example, the following year, it was “John G’s” turn to propose something very similar Complaint by Pertile: “@WPN_CEO garbage@ACR_POKER $450 Main Event. When I got a 60BB pot on the river, I bet with my best hand and the guy tanked and his software said a deal error. How could anything go wrong on the river? ! ! ! ” the player wrote in his profile.

Last year, “MustardFan” experienced the same thing and wrote: “Man, how can abuse happen online? – Poker? ” Finally, to wrap up the list of examples, “NickeL 9” wrote a long post criticizing the company that developed the ACR software:

“This is unacceptable – ‘abuse’ in software. ” 2022? @ACR_POKER

In software terms, mishandling is bad software coupled with a severe lack of testing

You should really fix thisA) How did this happen? orB) How to avoid it in the future…”

As already mentioned, quite a few people suffered from ACR errors. However, none of them received a straight answer on this topic. Victor Pertile did. He has yet to receive a reply, but he has pledged to pursue the matter. He wrote on Instagram: “Regarding ACR, I have sent an email to support to my profile on IG Sent a DM, “I’ll wait until tomorrow for a reply. If not, I’ll have to add a little dimension.

Complaints about ACR's

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  • It is concerning that there have been instances of site errors on ACR leading to unfair outcomes in online poker games. It is important for ACR to address these issues and provide players with a satisfactory explanation and resolution.

  • It seems that Victor Pertile experienced a significant error while playing poker on ACR, where his winning hand was reset due to a mistake by the platform. Many other players have also reported similar issues with the site, expressing frustration and disbelief. Hopefully, ACR addresses these concerns and works to prevent such errors in the future.

  • The text describes a situation where a player on a poker site experienced a site error that affected the outcome of a hand. Despite attempts to get a response from the site, the player has not received a satisfactory answer. It highlights the frustration and disbelief of other players who have encountered similar issues in the past.

  • The text describes a situation where a poker player, Victor Pertile, experienced a site error that affected a crucial hand he played. Despite reaching out for clarification, he has not received a satisfactory response from the site. The text also mentions other players who have faced similar issues with the site and have also struggled to get adequate answers.

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