“SuperCAYO” Crava HighS from the Supreme Series of Poker

In a very busy time for the Suprema series, “SuperCAYO” is on the road to success after finishing on the podium in Event 20-H: R$2,500 HighS 250K GTD. First out of 112 entrants, he took home R$51,817 out of a prize pool of R$288,200.

The “tedibrei” on the other hand did well in the event 71-M: 250 Reals Combat HR 250K GTD. He won R$37,116 by defeating 1,059 opponents.

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Race 19-H: R$ 550 Mini HighS 100K GTD (272 participants)

Winner: “TuMariD0” R$ 32,069

Event 21-H: R$ 550 Omax HR 50K GTD (84 entrants)

Winner: ” Jan Willem” R$20,887

Event 109-L: R$75 Battle 100K GTD (1,538 participants)

Championship: “Necromancer” R$16,935

Event 73-M: R$110 Mystery 60K GTD (58 participants)

Championship: “NeverLost” R$14,462

Event 108-L: R$ 12 plus 50,000 GTD (2,415 participants)

Championship: “Shock Dart” 8,550 R$

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  • Rodrick.kohler

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