Listen to José Criado’s 232nd MarcaPoker Radio podcast

Listen to José Criado's 232nd MarcaPoker Radio pod...

MarcaPoker was 232.cast with David Luzago yesterday on Radio Marca on air and thanks to Winamax for the sponsorship.

David covered national and international poker news and the hour and a half was as entertaining as ever.

We will not disclose the content; we will only provide the table of contents. David Luzago himself a news summary.

A conversation with José Criado, popular sports forecaster and fan of our game, with whom David talks about the ins and outs of his career and his latest love for poker .

Off Poker Curiosities Department”, responsible for Abraham Jiménez.

Listen to José Criado's 232nd MarcaPoker Radio pod...

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    This text appears to be promoting a poker event or show called MarcaPoker, which featured an interview with David Luzago on Radio Marca. The text mentions the sponsorship from Winamax and describes the entertaining conversation about national and international poker news. Additionally, it briefly mentions a conversation with sports forecaster José Criado and mentions the Off Poker Curiosities Department, which is responsible for Abraham Jiménez.

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    This text is announcing that MarcaPoker had a cast with David Luzago on Radio Marca, sponsored by Winamax. David covered poker news and had an entertaining conversation with José Criado about his career and love for poker, as well as including a news summary. Additionally, there is a department responsible for poker curiosities led by Abraham Jiménez.

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