João Simão on the podium at race 46 of GGMillion$ week

João Simão on the podium at race 46 of GGMillion$...

On Sunday, for the 20th consecutive Event 46: GGMillion$ Weekly Omaholic Super High Roller $10,300, João Simão dropped out of title contention at the 3-handed stage. In total, his funds increased by $55,865.

Breno Bertalia took gold and $51,930 in the WSOP Online $365 Sunday Giant event. There were 1,267 participants in the tournament. Earlier in the day, the “Computron” account owner went heads-up in the $525 Bounty Hunters HR ASIA and won another $9,074.

Nighting@le takes the podium in Sunday’s $125 Hundred. He took home $24,331 after beating 1,650 opponents.

Meanwhile, “dedec” beat compatriot Rafael “Mertseger” Loiola in Sunday’s $88 Mad Eights 8-hand tiebreaker for $16,704. The runner-up took home $12,525.

Vinicius “RealGanjaBoy” Miranda also finished third out of 2,039 entrants, a feat that netted him $16,259. See other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeGGMasters Bounty $320 “Troll Hitada” 4. $17,209WSOP Online: $36.50 Sunday Mini Giants “JuninhuSts” 1. $16,607Zodiac Bounty MILLION$ “VirgulinoRei” 1.¥87,746WSOP Online : $77 LUCKY SEVENS Turbo 7-Handed “BOTMelo” 2nd $12,014 WSOP Online: $44 Bounty Hunter FORTY STACK “RichardSant” 3rd $11,903 WSOP High Roller: $1,500 Sunday KICK-OFF HR “neneco2468” 4th $11,862 Bounty Hunter Sunday Contest $21.60 “RMariano 89” 1 . $11,783 WS OP Online: $32.10 Sunday BOUNTY KING “bambamcovisck” 2nd Place $10,780

Sunday Top 100 $15rafaelomito2″ 1st Place $10,458

João Simão on the podium at race 46 of GGMillion$...

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