Geraldo César Stops in ACR Poker’s HU Sunday Special $215

Geraldo César Stops in ACR Poker's HU Sunday Speci...

In another very busy Sunday for the Hi5 series, the country grinder made waves in the ACR Poker side event. In the $215 Sunday special, Geraldo César was stopped heads-up. Overall, riders on the “7betanfold” account won $34,194.

Shortly thereafter, “UchihaZizou” fielded 175 players in the $630 PKO High Roller and won $24,458.

Another event, the $630 High Roller “elcio1934” led his national team to the final. Finishing fourth out of 350 entrants added $18,368 to his bankroll.

“franklinfb” won $18,104 after beating 2,149 opponents in the special $55 BIG10 contest.

“espiancestra” also earned $17,541 for fifth in the Hi5 Series, Event 146: $109 No Limit Hold’em.

Also at ACR Poker, Gustavo “22Doutrinador” Mastelotto finished fifth in Event 142: $215 No Limit Hold’em. The Santa Catarina native made a total of $14,706.

Geraldo César Stops in ACR Poker's HU Sunday Speci...

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  • Mcglynn.regan

    This text highlights the achievements of various players in the Hi5 series poker events, with details of their winnings and rankings in different tournaments. It showcases the success and skill of these players in the online poker community.

  • This text highlights the successful performances of several players in different poker events during a busy Sunday in the Hi5 series. These players, such as Geraldo César, UchihaZizou, elcio1934, and others, won impressive amounts of money through their skills and achievements in these events.

  • Patricia.blanda

    This text highlights the success of various Brazilian poker players in the Hi5 series events. It shows that Geraldo César, UchihaZizou, elcio1934, franklinfb, espiancestra, and Gustavo 22Doutrinador Mastelotto all excelled in their respective tournaments, earning substantial winnings. Overall, it showcases the talent and competitiveness of Brazilian poker players on the international stage.

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