For the first time, the main events of the WPT, WSOP and EPT are happening simultaneously.

For the first time, the main events of the WPT, WS...

Elias Gutierrez

Yesterday we finally had the biggest Main Event lineup in live poker.

The dates on the calendar since the WSOP are marked in red. An introduction to their festival has been published in the Bahamas. As the Wynn World Championship begins, the WPT, WSOP and EPT Prague tournaments develop simultaneously in real time at different stages of participation.

WSOP Paradise

The most advanced thing is that it reunited all the qualifiers for the second day after confirming some very high numbers.

3,010 entrants, guaranteed prize pool ($15,050,000), and only 59 players in the top 24 levels of the Survivor Championship at the end of the tournament.

The only hope for a Hispanic bracelet at the historic first ME of the WSOP in the Bahamas is Omar Diez, who may be of Spanish descent, the player identified in the official application as a Uruguayan, but in the Hendon Mob Wearing red and white clothes.

We were playing well until the final hurdle of the day, but two of our high rollers, Adrián Mateos and Ignacio Moron Ignacio Morón led at half-time as the dozen boxes the Reds added to the game dropped almost simultaneously.

  • 71. Adrian Mateos $26,800.
  • 74°. Ignacio Moron $22,500
  • 101. Jon Ander Vallinas $16,200 $16,200 175. Juan Barraza $13,000.
  • 175°. Juan Barraza $13,900.
  • 404°. Daniel Palau $8,500 8,500
  • 419°. Sergi Reixach $8,500

The first WSOP Paradise ME winner could well become a poker superstar as players at the remaining seven tables can still participate in the search for Mustapha Kanit , Yuri Dzieveievski, Christian Rudolph, David Peters, Pedro Garagnani, Timothy Adams, Mikita Badziakouski, Sam Greenwood or GGPoker Ambassador Kevin Martin.

WPT World Championship

Yesterday, the biggest guarantee in poker history began the slow countdown to a possible stack. On Day 1A, just 609 entrants were subtracted from the required bankroll – or $5,968,000 – even though there are still three days left to continue chasing buy-in funds and the plane will arrive from the Bahamas with all the WSOP eliminations.

202 players passed the first 10 levels, among which Mario Navarro was well qualified, Pedro Pérez, José Jaraiz, Lander Lijó, Javier Gómez and Sergio Aido Is Deluxe Companion is Saturday’s seating chart.

EPT Prague

The European Championship has yet to announce official numbers as registration is still open at the start of day two.

The 1,250 people registered so far are very close to the 1,267 people registered at the previous tournament, so the best of the tests presented by the major tours are ready to jump into places you least expect.

PokerStars can thank the Spanish professionals who are among the great animators of the festival so far. Closer to home: Elías Gutiérrez “ZeroS” won almost the full prize money in a mystery KO worth 10,000 euros, taking the total prize money to 238,150 euros after finishing third in the tournament and almost the first prize double.

With the addition of new players, we have added 15 players to the list of 428 players invited for Day 2 of the Preliminaries.

  • Liu Jiajun
  • Marcos Türk
  • Gonza Lo Vega
  • Adria Diaz
  • Ramon Collias
  • Gerard Rubiralta
  • Andres Iglesias
  • Cesar Garcia
  • Eduardo Eguia
  • Jorge · Rios
  • Miguel Martinez
  • Enrique Rodriguez
  • Jon Ander Martinez
  • Leo Maggit

For the first time, the main events of the WPT, WS...

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  • This text provides an overview of several live poker events happening simultaneously, including the WSOP in the Bahamas, the WPT World Championship, and the EPT Prague. It highlights notable players and their performances, as well as the number of entrants and prize pools.

  • This text appears to be discussing recent poker events, including the WSOP Paradise, WPT World Championship, and EPT Prague tournaments. It mentions some notable players and their rankings, as well as the number of entrants and prize pools. Overall, it provides a detailed overview of the poker events that have taken place.

  • This text provides a detailed overview of various ongoing poker tournaments and the players participating in them. It highlights the competition and potential for success among Hispanic players, as well as the high stakes and prize pools involved.

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