“chic life” wins 2M Supremo from SPS and earns R$167,000

This Sunday the 20th, The World’s Biggest hosts another 2M Supremo with an entry fee of only R$ 550. “vida chique” beat 2,540 entrants in Event 16-H of the Suprema Series to win the title and R$167,455.

In Event 91-L: 55 Reals Big Plus 1M GTD, the winner just called. After winning, his bankroll increased by R$ 95,353. There were 6,227 entrants in the competition.

Meet other champions:

Event 63-M: R$150 Battle HR (869 participants)

1. Ranking – “ToDubai” R$ 20,006

Event 93-L: R$ 75 Supreminho (1,564 participants)

1st place – “ValterBranco” R $16,489

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  • This text mentions a poker event taking place on Sunday with a 2M Supremo and an entry fee of R$ 550. It also highlights the winners of previous events, including the amounts they won and the number of participants.

  • I think this text is informing readers about upcoming poker events and recent winners. It includes details such as entry fees, number of participants, and prize winnings.

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