Bianchini did it again: he wins CAP Santa Rosa again

Bianchini did it again: he wins CAP Santa Rosa aga...

Leandro Biancini is revered more than ever as the absolute lord and master of the pampas. That Monday morning, El Pitu won the CAP Santa Rosa Main Event, the fifth event of the Argentine Poker Tour season, repeating what he had already accomplished back in April feat.

Just over four months ago, Bianchini had already won the Main Event at the same Casino Club, the second year at the Para des, and now he’s doing it again in a tournament, the first of which featured four races, a total of 289 entrants, and $215,000 in prize money.

The total pot was $51,572,050, split among the top 41 players, although only 13 finished on the podium. In heads-up play on the final day, Bianchini defeated Gabriel Lo Valvo and remained heads-up despite being close to 5-1 in chips.

Somit El Pitu, who had a solid season, earned $11,933,772 in trophies and prize money, while Lo Valvo earned $7,581,091. Pedro Palacios took the podium for $5,311,921.

Bianchini did it again: he wins CAP Santa Rosa aga...

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  • Lindsay.pfannerstill

    The text portrays Leandro Biancini as a highly respected and talented poker player, highlighting his recent victory in the Argentine Poker Tour. It also mentions the prize money earned by the top players in the tournament, with Biancini being the highest earner.

  • This text highlights Leandro Biancini’s success as a skilled poker player, specifically his recent win at the CAP Santa Rosa Main Event. It provides details about the tournament, including the number of participants and the prize money, as well as the earnings of other top players.

  • Megane.paucek

    It seems like Leandro Biancini is a talented poker player with impressive achievements, winning the CAP Santa Rosa Main Event twice in a row. His victory over Gabriel Lo Valvo in heads-up play shows his skill and determination on the final day of the tournament.

  • This text highlights Leandro Biancini’s impressive poker victory at the Argentine Poker Tour, where he dominated the competition and emerged victorious. The detailed description of the tournament and winnings showcases Biancini’s skill and success in the poker world.

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