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The Suprema Poker Series Main Event takes place this Sunday with a GTD of R$5 million

The Suprema Poker Series Main Event takes place th...

Another historic edition of the Suprema Poker Series is coming to an end. The Main Event takes place this Sunday, the 8th, and offers a massive guaranteed prize pool of R$5 million.

Before the tournament begins, players can reserve a spot in various satellites worth R$1,000. The site for winning the biggest leagues in the world.

In addition to the top favorites, whoever reaches 5 FT hands in the Main Event will win a complete gift package to the Suprema 5th Anniversary Party Paradisiacal Mavsa Resort in Cesário Lange (SP).

The event includes concerts by Ottavio and Raphael, Cesar Menotti and Fabiano, and samba singer Mumuzinho. While many were having fun on the dance floor, others were gunning for big prizes in the Suprema tournament. There will be a total of 8 tournaments with guaranteed prize money totaling R$1 million.

View the full schedule:

6. November

5pm – Event 1 Day 1A: R$1,000 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event (R$300,000 GTD)

7:30pm – Event 2: R$2,500 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event Poker Mystery Bounty (R$200,000 GTD)

8:00pm – Event 1 Day 1B Turbo: €1,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event (€300,000 GTD)

10:00pm – Event 3: €1,500 Freezeout Turbo K.O. (€50,000 GTD)

07. November

2pm – Event 1 Day 1C: R$1,000 NL Hold’em Main Event (R$300,000 GTD)

6:30pm – Event 4: R$1,000 NL Hold’em PKO Turbo (R$50,000 GTD)

19:00 – Event 5: R$1,000 5-card PL Omaha 6-Max K.O. (R$100,000 GTD)

8pm – Turbo D-Day 1: R$1,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event (R$300,000 GTD)

8. November

10:00 AM – Event 1 Day 1B Hyper -Turbo: R$1,000 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event (R$300,000 GTD)

3:00 PM – Event 1 Final Day: €1,000 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event (R$300,000 GTD). GTD)

4pm – Event 6: €500 No-Limit Hold’em Second Chance (€50,000 GTD)

6pm – Event 7: €3,500 No-Limit Hold’em Mystery Bounty (€200,000). GTD)

19:30 – Event 8: €1,000 No Limit Hold’em Bonus (€50,000 GTD)

The Suprema Poker Series Main Event takes place th...

C Michaud shines at Winamax High Roller on Wednesday

C Michaud shines at Winamax High Roller on Wednesd...

Yesterday, the regular tournament was the focus of Winamax .fres. Throughout Wednesday a total of 24 tournaments with five-figure jackpots and 476,000 euros were organized in the French region Bonus.

The winner of 3 more tournaments will receive €5,000.

  • “BigBob3000” won €200 of the Battle Royale and took home a price From €6, 872, 19.
  • ” LaSabituarda” won 50 euros in prime time and received a bonus of 5 euros,872. 71.
  • “C Michaud” won the biggest prize of the day, €7, 818. 37, thanks to his victory in the €250 High Roller.

On What the In terms of prize pools, only twotournaments have exceeded €30,000 in prize money:

  • Battle Royale (€33,000).
  • Prime Time (€45,000).

C Michaud shines at Winamax High Roller on Wednesd...

Breno Bertalia beats FT opponent to win $619,000 in WCOOP Midsize Main Event

Breno Bertalia beats FT opponent to win $619,000 i...

Breno Bertalia had the country’s best finish at the 2023 WCOOP. As a farewell to the festival, he won the Main Event Midsize Championship with a poker lesson in the playoffs. The “BLEFE GOD” account pilot was almost the leader of the entire activity that afternoon, increasing his balance by $619,300.

It was compatriot Victor Pertile who gave Breno the most trouble, but was also badly hit The sevens game can be unforgiving for the team’s grinders. After several preflop raises, both Brazilians ended up with their chips in the middle of the table. Victor had over an 82% chance of doubling his stack when QCheckQ♥ came up against J♣JCheck, but the 5♣3♥J♠9♥5♦ board brought one of Breno’s two outs and he was stuck Dilemma.

With more than half of the chips in the game, Breno controlled the game until he let out a roar of victory. He only needed one move to defeat Jans “Graftekkel” Arends in a duel. Here’s what happened:

The blinds were 1,500,000/3,000,000, the ante was 375,000, Breno went all-in, and Arends checked. When the flop came 8♠QCheckA♦, Breno bet 3,000,000 and got a call. In Round 7, Arends again check-called with a bet of 12,750,000. On the river 3♣, Breno ended up pushing 57,000,000 to the middle of the table. Arends, owner of 42,755,771, announced the call and submitted Q♥3♥. With A♣Q♠, Breno won the pot.

PokerStars registered 4,342 entrants at $1,050, exceeding the $4,000,000 guarantee in the Main Event medium and doling out $4,342,000 in prize money.

Final Result

1. Breno “BLEFE GOD” Bertalia (Brazil) $619,300

2. Jans “Graftekkel” Arends (Netherlands) $437,908

3. graczzz (Poland) $309,647

4. Niklas “DerRappler” Lehnert-Rappel (Austria) $218,953

5. “kerolis” (Lithuania) $154,823

6. “Bababangg” (Malta) $109,476

7. Victor “Per.V7” Pertile (Brazil) $77,411

8. “spud989” (UK) $54,737

9. Piper_kl88 (Austria) $38,705

Breno Bertalia beats FT opponent to win $619,000 i...

CNP888 Madrid finale is coming soon

CNP888 Madrid finale is coming soon

The Gran Madrid Casino in Torrelodones will host the finale of the CNP888 – National Poker Tour from November 16th to 27th, which will be the eleventh event in partnership with 888poker The season comes to an end.

The Spanish Championship Tour is coming to an exciting conclusion, with 16 tournaments taking place over 12 days of pure poker action. We aim to surpass the previous edition’s 4,202 participants and €1.7 million in prize money.

The program will feature a variety of solidly structured events with varying buy-in amounts, designed to be customized to include all budgets. Therefore, it is easy to find tournaments like the famous “Pineapple Crazy”, “Dos Vidas” or “Win the Button”, but also new formats like “Mystery Bounty” or “Omaha PL”.

The attraction of the big event will undoubtedly be that last year the event saw 1,553 entrants take home €854,000 in prize money and a first prize of €120,000. nothing. The €550 buy-in classic will kick off on Wednesday 22nd November with five starting matches in the 45-minute category, excluding the 30-minute 1D Championship. Day 2 will take place on Saturday the 25th, Day 3 will take place on Sunday the 26th, and the big news is that the final table will take place on Monday the 27th, which according to the organization’s schedule will accommodate the remaining players and

It is worth noting that CNP and 888poker made some changes last season to improve the local poker experience, and these changes have been refined in this tournament, especially in terms of schedule. With this in mind, it is stated that agreements in the Main Event are illegal, although they can be agreed in side events; this year, Main Event Day 3 starts at 1pm; the Main Event Final Table will be on Monday the 27th at 4pm Points held; 2-minute bonus time cards were introduced, and all other bonus stack systems except AddFree and Buy-in disappeared.

888poker allows every player to participate independently of their bankroll. In this sense, every day there will be a CNP 2022 passport worth 55 euros and a guaranteed seat (550 euros), although depending on the number of participants even three or four seats can be awarded. There are also four satellites operating daily from 6:31 pm, allowing you to participate in this Passport event.

CNP888 Madrid finale is coming soon

Pokerstars invents mystery cash challenge and hires pros to test it on YouTube (Episode 3)

Pokerstars invents mystery cash challenge and hire...

A new format, the Cash Mystery Challenge, has arrived on the Pokerstars YouTube channel.

According to the operator’s description, this new content includes “a mix of elements from high-stakes cash games and mystery bounty formats,” with progressive jackpot tournaments recently added to the room software.

This mechanism is ideal for creating audiovisual content. It includesfor every ten jackpots played, a secret number is added to the pot, as well as a surprise gift that can only be received by the viewer after receiving the gift. You will find out later.

This grand prize is not for everyone. The remaining hands (9 hands between each bomb pot) are played according to standard cash game rules with blinds of €25/€50, but the winner of the pot will receive a special chip.

Players only have one of these special chips that you can use to participate in the Bomb Can.

Once the surprise jar is up for grabs, the cycle begins again. Each episode of the series (six in total) contains a complete 10-hand cycle and ends with a mystery pot. Thanks to the first two episodes of the series, we were able to experience this bomb canister on sale. For example, extra money and the ability to punish an opponent who must remain silent for the next nine hands, or free EPT tickets.

Pokerstars sources its guinea pigs almost entirely from its pros. Roster, commentators and team members. Among the pros we will seeParker Talbot and Sam Grafton, and among the analysts we will also see pros Maria Ho and Griffin Benger.

Top 6 – Max Table is presented by Brazilian professional Fabiano Kovalski and content creator Alexandra Botez. Finish.

So let’s not dwell on this secret anymore. Let’s take a look at the third episode of Mystery Cash Challenge and what poker brings to it, because the strategic implications can be very interesting.

Pokerstars invents mystery cash challenge and hire...

João Simão on the podium at race 46 of GGMillion$ week

João Simão on the podium at race 46 of GGMillion$...

On Sunday, for the 20th consecutive Event 46: GGMillion$ Weekly Omaholic Super High Roller $10,300, João Simão dropped out of title contention at the 3-handed stage. In total, his funds increased by $55,865.

Breno Bertalia took gold and $51,930 in the WSOP Online $365 Sunday Giant event. There were 1,267 participants in the tournament. Earlier in the day, the “Computron” account owner went heads-up in the $525 Bounty Hunters HR ASIA and won another $9,074.

Nighting@le takes the podium in Sunday’s $125 Hundred. He took home $24,331 after beating 1,650 opponents.

Meanwhile, “dedec” beat compatriot Rafael “Mertseger” Loiola in Sunday’s $88 Mad Eights 8-hand tiebreaker for $16,704. The runner-up took home $12,525.

Vinicius “RealGanjaBoy” Miranda also finished third out of 2,039 entrants, a feat that netted him $16,259. See other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeGGMasters Bounty $320 “Troll Hitada” 4. $17,209WSOP Online: $36.50 Sunday Mini Giants “JuninhuSts” 1. $16,607Zodiac Bounty MILLION$ “VirgulinoRei” 1.¥87,746WSOP Online : $77 LUCKY SEVENS Turbo 7-Handed “BOTMelo” 2nd $12,014 WSOP Online: $44 Bounty Hunter FORTY STACK “RichardSant” 3rd $11,903 WSOP High Roller: $1,500 Sunday KICK-OFF HR “neneco2468” 4th $11,862 Bounty Hunter Sunday Contest $21.60 “RMariano 89” 1 . $11,783 WS OP Online: $32.10 Sunday BOUNTY KING “bambamcovisck” 2nd Place $10,780

Sunday Top 100 $15rafaelomito2″ 1st Place $10,458

João Simão on the podium at race 46 of GGMillion$...

Debate: What Are The Most Influential Poker Books?

Debate: What Are The Most Influential Poker Books?

Lance Bradley Wins 2018 Global Poker Awards for ‘The Persuit Of Poker Success’ Book Featuring 50 Notable Players Including Phil Hellmuth, Fedor Holz, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Galfond , Antonio Esfandiari and Erik Seidel.

He sparked an interesting debate on Twitter a few days ago when he asked his followers what the most influential poker book in their career was:

What was the most influential poker book on your poker career?

— Lance Bradley (@Lance_Bradley) July 16, 2020

Debate: What Are The Most Influential Poker Books?

Renan Bruschi Wins $1,050 Sunday High Roller

Renan Bruschi Wins $1,050 Sunday High Roller

The Brazilian had a show on PokerStars this Sunday 20th. In the $1,050 Sunday High Roller, victory comes early as soon as heads-up play is over. Winner Renan “Internet93o” Bruschi took home $26,862 and runner-up João Mathias took home $16,237. Pedro “phcrf” Fernandes finished third for $10,498. 113 competitors took part in the tournament.

Gabriel Missel is also hyped up on the site. He finished first out of 616 players in the $109 Bounty Builder competition and pocketed $8,791. Previously, account holder “GabrielR1309” won an additional $5,923 in four hands in the $109 Sunday warm-up.

Sunday’s $215 Sonics game featured a Brazilian double. Dalton “daltonhb” Hobold (1st place) and Kelvin “Kelvin_FP:AR” Kerber (2nd place) won $12,075 and $8,588 respectively.

“JovemPromessa” finished fourth in the $55 Mini Bounty Buider HR for $8,993.

Also on the site, Alexandre “Shunzao” Pazinato won the title and $8,735 in the $215 bounty generator.

Renan Bruschi Wins $1,050 Sunday High Roller

Geraldo César Stops in ACR Poker’s HU Sunday Special $215

Geraldo César Stops in ACR Poker's HU Sunday Speci...

In another very busy Sunday for the Hi5 series, the country grinder made waves in the ACR Poker side event. In the $215 Sunday special, Geraldo César was stopped heads-up. Overall, riders on the “7betanfold” account won $34,194.

Shortly thereafter, “UchihaZizou” fielded 175 players in the $630 PKO High Roller and won $24,458.

Another event, the $630 High Roller “elcio1934” led his national team to the final. Finishing fourth out of 350 entrants added $18,368 to his bankroll.

“franklinfb” won $18,104 after beating 2,149 opponents in the special $55 BIG10 contest.

“espiancestra” also earned $17,541 for fifth in the Hi5 Series, Event 146: $109 No Limit Hold’em.

Also at ACR Poker, Gustavo “22Doutrinador” Mastelotto finished fifth in Event 142: $215 No Limit Hold’em. The Santa Catarina native made a total of $14,706.

Geraldo César Stops in ACR Poker's HU Sunday Speci...

Listen to José Criado’s 232nd MarcaPoker Radio podcast

Listen to José Criado's 232nd MarcaPoker Radio pod...

MarcaPoker was 232.cast with David Luzago yesterday on Radio Marca on air and thanks to Winamax for the sponsorship.

David covered national and international poker news and the hour and a half was as entertaining as ever.

We will not disclose the content; we will only provide the table of contents. David Luzago himself a news summary.

A conversation with José Criado, popular sports forecaster and fan of our game, with whom David talks about the ins and outs of his career and his latest love for poker .

Off Poker Curiosities Department”, responsible for Abraham Jiménez.

Listen to José Criado's 232nd MarcaPoker Radio pod...