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For the first time, the main events of the WPT, WSOP and EPT are happening simultaneously.

For the first time, the main events of the WPT, WS...

Elias Gutierrez

Yesterday we finally had the biggest Main Event lineup in live poker.

The dates on the calendar since the WSOP are marked in red. An introduction to their festival has been published in the Bahamas. As the Wynn World Championship begins, the WPT, WSOP and EPT Prague tournaments develop simultaneously in real time at different stages of participation.

WSOP Paradise

The most advanced thing is that it reunited all the qualifiers for the second day after confirming some very high numbers.

3,010 entrants, guaranteed prize pool ($15,050,000), and only 59 players in the top 24 levels of the Survivor Championship at the end of the tournament.

The only hope for a Hispanic bracelet at the historic first ME of the WSOP in the Bahamas is Omar Diez, who may be of Spanish descent, the player identified in the official application as a Uruguayan, but in the Hendon Mob Wearing red and white clothes.

We were playing well until the final hurdle of the day, but two of our high rollers, Adrián Mateos and Ignacio Moron Ignacio Morón led at half-time as the dozen boxes the Reds added to the game dropped almost simultaneously.

  • 71. Adrian Mateos $26,800.
  • 74°. Ignacio Moron $22,500
  • 101. Jon Ander Vallinas $16,200 $16,200 175. Juan Barraza $13,000.
  • 175°. Juan Barraza $13,900.
  • 404°. Daniel Palau $8,500 8,500
  • 419°. Sergi Reixach $8,500

The first WSOP Paradise ME winner could well become a poker superstar as players at the remaining seven tables can still participate in the search for Mustapha Kanit , Yuri Dzieveievski, Christian Rudolph, David Peters, Pedro Garagnani, Timothy Adams, Mikita Badziakouski, Sam Greenwood or GGPoker Ambassador Kevin Martin.

WPT World Championship

Yesterday, the biggest guarantee in poker history began the slow countdown to a possible stack. On Day 1A, just 609 entrants were subtracted from the required bankroll – or $5,968,000 – even though there are still three days left to continue chasing buy-in funds and the plane will arrive from the Bahamas with all the WSOP eliminations.

202 players passed the first 10 levels, among which Mario Navarro was well qualified, Pedro Pérez, José Jaraiz, Lander Lijó, Javier Gómez and Sergio Aido Is Deluxe Companion is Saturday’s seating chart.

EPT Prague

The European Championship has yet to announce official numbers as registration is still open at the start of day two.

The 1,250 people registered so far are very close to the 1,267 people registered at the previous tournament, so the best of the tests presented by the major tours are ready to jump into places you least expect.

PokerStars can thank the Spanish professionals who are among the great animators of the festival so far. Closer to home: Elías Gutiérrez “ZeroS” won almost the full prize money in a mystery KO worth 10,000 euros, taking the total prize money to 238,150 euros after finishing third in the tournament and almost the first prize double.

With the addition of new players, we have added 15 players to the list of 428 players invited for Day 2 of the Preliminaries.

  • Liu Jiajun
  • Marcos Türk
  • Gonza Lo Vega
  • Adria Diaz
  • Ramon Collias
  • Gerard Rubiralta
  • Andres Iglesias
  • Cesar Garcia
  • Eduardo Eguia
  • Jorge · Rios
  • Miguel Martinez
  • Enrique Rodriguez
  • Jon Ander Martinez
  • Leo Maggit

For the first time, the main events of the WPT, WS...

Paulo Brombim Seeks $215 Bounty Hunter Big Game

Paulo Brombim Seeks $215 Bounty Hunter Big Game

On Tuesday the 12th, Team Brazil performed on GGPoker’s MTT. Paulo Brombim wins the $215 Bounty Hunter Contest. The ace beat 454 opponents to win $14,829.

In the $54 Bounty Hunter Daily Main Event, David “Gorilla22” Erickson earned the silver medal for $12,188. A total of 4,228 contestants took part in the competition.

“504 Bad Gateway” won $6,044 from 2,116 entries in the $25 GGMasters Classic.

In the $250 Tuesday Saver race, Paulo Henrique won “ineedrivers” Drusian all the way to the podium and $5,253.

Paulo Brombim Seeks $215 Bounty Hunter Big Game

Sourios’ back-to-back matches at PokerStars Blast

Sourios' back-to-back matches at PokerStars Blast

La Roja once again stood out in the regular PokerStars MTT on Wednesday. Our players won 4 out of 6 tournaments with jackpots exceeding €10,000. Spain’s Surios was the most outstanding player of the day.

Big Bang belongs to Su Rios

Spanish player “Su Rios”, from his residence in Mexico, won Big Bang 50 euros in two days On Tuesday, he raised €2,507.49 and on Wednesday, €2,673. Congratulations on your back to back.

Other major Spanish tournament winners

R2D2_Full won the Mini Thunder €10 (£2,365.18).

godoyy91 won Thunder €50 (€3,376.94) ).

omayra88 won the €10 Bounty Night (€2,151.62).

Results of the day’s main competition

  1. R2D2_Full (Mini Thunder €10. Prize money: €2,365.18. Number of participants: 2,500. Prize pool: €22,500. Country: Spain).
  2. godoyy91 (Thunder £50. Prize pool: €3,376.94. Number of games: 488. Prize pool: €21,960. Country: Spain).
  3. joaorbravo (bounty generator) €10. Prize money: €1,293.53. Number of entrants: €1,202. Number of participants: 1,202. Prize pool: €10,818. Country: Portugal).
  4. CynepCyxapuk (Starry Night €100. Prize pool: €3,235.92. : 152. Prize pool: €13,680. Country: Mexico).
  5. Su Rios (Big Bang 50 €. Prize money: 2,673.00 €. Number of participants: 269. Prize pool: 12,015 €. Country: Spain).
  6. omayra88 (Bounty Night €10. Prize Pool: €2,151.62. Number of Entrants: 2,035. Prize Pool: €18,315. Country: Spain).

Sourios' back-to-back matches at PokerStars Blast

Alex Gelinsky is the BSOP Millions 1-Day High Roller Champion

Alex Gelinsky is the BSOP Millions 1-Day High Roll...

Pros continue to accumulate titles in the BSOP Millions High Roller Event. In the early hours of the morning, Alex Gelinsky announced the winner of Event 39: R$10,000 No Limit Hold’em 1 Day. After beating 163 contestants, his balance increased by R$ 293,000. Elias Neto (second place) and Uruguayan Jorge Ramella (third place) completed the podium, receiving R$ 135,000 and R$ 95,000 respectively.

The first two-time Main Event Champion Saulo Sabion is at the BSOP. In Event 41: R$2,000 Mixed Stud Hi-Low/Omaha Hi-Low, he put 49 players in trouble. The man from Mato Grosso won a total of R$23,000.

In Event 45: R$1,500 NL Hold’em No Breaks Turbo, Pedro Romeu defeated Argentina’s Juan Barattini in a heads-up match. Top the LAPT rankings. The winner earned R$32,000 and the runner-up R$22,000.

Also in the BSOP Millions, Mateus Araújo won R$ 20,000 for cracking Event 44: the R$ 500 daily 500 game.

Alex Gelinsky is the BSOP Millions 1-Day High Roll...

lb0ut wins Tuesday’s biggest Winamax prize after winning prime time

lb0ut wins Tuesday's biggest Winamax prize after w...

Yesterday, the regular tournament was the focus of Winamax .fres. A total of 25 tournaments with 5-figure jackpots were organized throughout Tuesday in France, of which 523,000 euros Payable as a prize. lb0ut was the best player of the day.

lb0ut wins the biggest prize of the day

Three games offered prizes worth over €6,000 to the winners.

  • “lb0ut” won €50 Prime Time and won the biggest prize of the day: €7 ,971. 26 .
  • “ToDouxLeLoup” won €200 Battle Royale and received € 7’s bonus,635. 64.
  • And “La Comunne” took home 6 for Euros 332. 22 for his victory in the €250 High Roller.

lb0ut wins Tuesday's biggest Winamax prize after w...

Raffael Brum Wins Freezeout in BSOP Millions

Raffael Brum Defeats Strong Opponent to Win BSOP M...

Samba won the BSOP Millions Freezeout. This popular single registration format tournament ended with a player from the Samba Poker team winning. Regular player Raffael Brum emerged as the event’s grand champion, claiming his first title in the Traditional Brazilian Poker Series in the biggest event of the year.

The R$1,000 Freezeout continues to be very popular. Players saw 792 entrants in the BSOP Millions event, where Raffael Brum was having a blast. With a good background in online poker, the regular player didn’t give his opponents any chance, finishing on top and taking home a generous bonus of R$ 121,000.

Brum The victory capped off a great year for online poker players. Coincidentally, the samba player achieved two of 2023’s biggest results on PokerStars, the company that is also a sponsor of the BSOP Millions. Raffael made two final tables at the SCOOP in May, securing his spot on the green this year.

He finished second in Event #37-M ($109 Sunday kickoff), in which he earned $28,368, and also finished fifth in the Stage, $55 Event# 01-H, earning him an additional $36,291 for his finish. In both cases, the cup was lost. The BSOP Millions winner has now changed the script.

See the final table prize pool:

1. – Raphael Bloom – 121,000 R$2nd place – Maicon Pedro – R$ 73,5003rd place – Leonardo Suarez – R$ 52,0704th Place – Paul Kimura – R$ 39,2005th place – Marcos Vinicius – R$ 31,0006th place – Rodrigo Teixeira – R$ 23,2007th place – Manoel Elisio – R$ 16,5008th place – Marcelo Scorbosa – R$ 11,4509. – Jordan Piva – R$ 9,100

Raffael Brum Defeats Strong Opponent to Win BSOP M...

The first Dama de Copas event concluded successfully

Dama de Copas' first in-person event rocks Rio de...

On August 12th, a historic event took place in the world of women’s poker: the first Dama de Copas Women’s Experience Live Tournament. The club is exclusive to the women’s poker community and serves as a gateway for more women to play poker. It also creates its own community, giving these women space to communicate about other aspects of their lives.

The initiative was a complete success from the start. The event brought together over 60 women passionate about the sport and not only doubled the guaranteed prize pool, but also provided opportunities for all participants, especially businesswoman Amanda Pa, who oversees this innovative project A funny moment that Amanda Pastor will never forget. , Raysa Oliveira and Juliana Temperine.

The relaxed, welcoming atmosphere among participants was one of the highlights of the event, making both beginners and experienced players feel welcome. For new players, school tournaments provide valuable learning and growth opportunities, especially in a community as loyal and supportive as Poker’s.

The focus of the Main Event is the exciting Mystery Bounty mode. Adrenaline and excitement mixed with the player’s strategic skills result in a game full of twists and turns. The winner of the Main Event receives prizes and trophies worthy of the Main Event, symbolizing a prominent position in the world of women’s poker.

After the game, the excitement did not stop, and the game activities continued in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. The event was so successful that the demand for a second edition was undeniable. Following urgent requests from competitors, the second edition of the Dama de Copas Championship has been scheduled for September 23. The Barra da Tijuca region will be the stage for sharp minds and a competitive yet friendly spirit, once again promising to unite women who love poker in a unique celebration.

The success of the first Dama de Das Copas tournament affirmed the strength and determination of women in the world of poker, breaking down barriers and demonstrating passion for the game regardless of gender. Anticipations for the second edition are high and players are already clamoring for a return to the excitement and fun at the poker table. To keep up with all the news and follow along, just follow Dama de Copas’ beautiful work on Instagram.

Dama de Copas' first in-person event rocks Rio de...

Bart Stevens wins WSOP Online Main Event FT, wins bracelet and $2.7 million

Bart Stevens wins WSOP Online Main Event FT, wins...

In a live broadcast that will go down in poker history, Bert Stevens wins the WSOP Online Main Event. The streamer known as “girafganger7” beat out 6,023 entrants to win $2,783,432, the largest prize of his entire career.

Stevens alone topped the charts. He was stunning from start to finish, defeating his final eight opponents in less than three hours. In the three-person table match, the Belgian eliminated Argentine player Ezequiel Kleiman and started heads-up with a nearly 5:1 lead.

On the second hand, Chinese player Yagen Li found A 2 ♦ and announced an all-in 12 BBS. Stevens then placed an instacall and it read 3♠3♣. J 5 6♥A♠J♣ The board got one of Lee’s outs, but his response was short-lived. Soon after, the tournament ended as follows:

The blinds were 2,500,000/5,000,000, the ante was 600,000, and Stevens raised to 10,500,000. Li increased it to 30,000,000. Stevens responded with a 4-bet all-in and received a call. Lee was not saved by the advantage of K♠3 ♦K 4 ♠5♥ as he won with A♣Q ♦ versus 6♣6 ♦ .

GGPoker handed out a total of $28,609,252 in prize money during this tournament. Main Event, the most numerous of any tournament held on the Internet. See how much each finalist won:

1. Bert Stevens (Belgium) $2,783,432

2. Li Yagen (China) $2,059,058

3. Alexander Kleiman (Argentina) $1,524,214

4. Ramiro Petrone (Argentina) $1,128,331

5. Alexander Tymoshenko (Russia) $835,303

6. Erik Bakker (Netherlands) $618,406

7. Lukas Hafner (Austria) $457,864

8. Fabian Rolli (Switzerland) $339,032

9. Simon Wilson (Ireland) $251,073

Bart Stevens wins WSOP Online Main Event FT, wins...

“cury92” is the winner of the PokerStars Mini Bounty Builder HR

'cury92' beat out the field to win the $55 Mini Bo...

On Wednesday (11th), Brazilian players participating in the regular PokerStars tournament achieved good results. One of the highlights was player “cury92” who ended up winning a $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR after finishing second and bronze in the previous edition.

Unnoticed by the field of 2,347 entrants, the Brazilian grinder defeated compatriot “leobiruba” in the Brazilian heads-up to seal victory. “cury92” was awarded $12,892. The runner-up received a prize of $7,946.

Brazil also doubled up in the $33 Bounty Builder competition, with 1,431 participants. João Mateus was the winner, earning $5,957, with runner-up “1303diego” earning $3,602.

Finally, 3,202 players signed up for the title in the $22 Mini Battle Royale event, with Brazilian mill pilot from account “spangaandre” coming just short of success. When he was eliminated in second place, his balance increased by $4,700.

Find more results here:





$109 Daily Cooldown “barreirao -Ce” 2nd place $3,764 Bounty Generator $55 Jonathan Rosa “JonzStars” 1st place $3,411 $109 Fenomeno “kbongrj” 2nd place $3,401 $55 Daily Supersonic Elson Borges “batataxpp” 2nd place US$3,274 US$530 Daily Cooldown Renan Meneguetti “xrenanx182” 2nd Place US$3,273

'cury92' beat out the field to win the $55 Mini Bo...

Exclusive Interview: August Ranking Great Champion “Rodrigo27”

Exclusive Interview: August Ranking Great Champion...

The player “Rodrigo27” from Argentina achieved a very difficult and worthy achievement in the last LATAM LEAGUE at 888poker, so we were interested to know more about the back of his avatar, which is all Online – the players have.

Interviewer:Rodrigo, first of all, congratulations on becoming the Latin American League champion in August. With one winner and two runners-up, you really stand out! How long have you been playing poker, specifically at 888poker?

Rodrigo: I started playing poker in May 2020. My first platform was 888poker. I barely knew the rules of the game at the time and started building my credibility through the numerous freerolls out there. In fact, this is an incredible opportunity because it can be difficult for beginners to make the decision to fund their account to encourage them to get started.

Initially I played Sit And Go and as I felt more confident I started playing micro tournaments, always along with freerolls and SNGs. As time went on and my bankroll grew, I was encouraged to enter bigger tournaments such as the $109 Main Event. I’m currently playing Cash No Limit 2 with the aim of improving and increasing my stakes.

Interviewer: What are your best results live and online?

Rodrigo: My best online result came at the Big Shot 109 Main Event, where I placed 134th out of 1,008 players and won $315 . I also finished first out of 514 players in the 888poker $500 PKO 6-Max event. My personal best result was 2nd place in an MTT event with 40 players for around $100.

Interviewer: You spent time learning poker, how, where, and what advice can you give us?

Rodrigo: Yes, I took the time to learn poker and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve doing this. In particular, I learned about tournaments from Zero’s poker courses and learned about cash with the help of experienced trainers. I also think it’s important to keep an eye on bankroll development and your opponent’s statistics. Learning how to use the HUD is one of the best things you can learn about online poker.

Interviewer: Is it better to play online or live? , which one do you prefer?

Rodrigo: I think playing online is better for a few reasons. On the one hand, availability is permanent and games can be played in parallel on multiple tables, speeding up the learning process. In a live game, it’s important to practice gestures, storytelling, and patience. On the other hand, the advantage of playing online is that you can easily keep track of your opponent’s statistics via the HUD, which can make difficult decisions easier. Finally, in Argentina at least, it’s cheaper/easier to play online because the buy-in prices are much cheaper than in casinos or other live events. I had the opportunity to travel to Brazil, where poker was declared a mind sport and sports clubs developed significantly, with tournaments held around the clock.

I think face-to-face games are more important than face-to-face games. It’s even better if you’ve gained enough online experience and are ready to add another level of difficulty and complexity to your game.

Interviewer: What improvements and can you give us any suggestions for the next Latin American league?

Rodrigo: Overall, I think the league is very good, it’s become fantastic. A meeting place for Spanish people. There was a good atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship among the players who spoke. Personally, it has allowed me to meet new colleagues. The limited rebuy tournament format is very comfortable for me because it allows us all to play more seriously and responsibly. It’s also worth mentioning that I, along with several other players, qualified for free tournaments on all dates of the league, which increased participation and made the proposal more interesting.

As a suggestion, I will say that I would like a bigger prize pool like the last date.

Interviewer: What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the poker industry? ?

Rodrigo: I have a few pieces of advice, all equally valuable, the most important of which is: manage your credit responsibly and never play more than 10% The balance of the level. Always remember, this is a game and the possibility of failure is potential. If this happens, don’t be frustrated. Luck may happen to you in a moment, but making the right decisions will reduce risk in the long run. Especially for tournament players, variance has a greater impact.

Finally, study a lot, there are many concepts, formulas, and strategies that can improve your game and understanding. I would like to thank my study group and competition partners. Mainly Natalia, Fernando, Matute, Chiru, Emi and Chino.

Thank you for all your knowledge and support.

Interviewer:Thank you for your time, see you at the poker table!

Exclusive Interview: August Ranking Great Champion...