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Leonardo Nishitani wins PLO ring title at WSOP Brazil Circuit

Leonardo Nishitani wins PLO ring title at WSOP Bra...

FT is firing on all cylinders in the WSOP Circuit Brazil Side Event after being formed in the Main Event. Leonardo Nishitani won an unprecedented gold ring after beating 70 competitors at the R$2,000 PLO Ring Championship. The grinder won a total of R$56,000.

Paulo Cícero won the coveted Ring Chaser Turbo gem, worth R$800. In the heads-up match, the player from Paraiba defeated veteran Celso Sirtoli. The winner received a prize of R$10,000, while the runner-up added R$7,400 to their balance.

Also, on day seven, the finalists entered the R$ 10,000 High Roller. Colombian Sebastián Fonseca tops the list with 117 BBS. The prize of R$36,000 has been guaranteed and he is waiting for the R$360,000 check that the winner will take home.

In order to spoil Brazil’s feast, Fonseca had to reach the final table in several events. The country’s best players take part. Check the number of chips:

1. Sebastian Fonseca (Colombia) 3,530,000

2. Marcos Kenny (Brazil) 2,855,000

3. Bruno Forster (Brazil) 1,615,000

4. Geraldo Ulloa (Peru) 1,085,000

5. Bruno Sueoka (Brazil) 875,000

6. André Sá (Brazil) 735,000

7. Lincoln Furukawa (Brazil) 610,000

8. Rodrigo Araujo (Brazil) 405,000

9. Ramon Pessoa (Brazil) 215,000

Play will resume at 1:00pm (Brazil time) with blinds set at 15,000/30,000.

Leonardo Nishitani wins PLO ring title at WSOP Bra...

A guide to avoiding arrogance when you succeed

A guide to avoiding arrogance when you succeed

It’s easy to go crazy when you’re having a bad time in poker, although many people underestimate the other side of the coin. When you’re winning, it’s also easy to get lost in strategy and make some mistakes out of arrogance or “arrogance” that can put you back on the negative side.

Yes, even winning comes with a series of precautions and dangers that are equally important, but less dramatic than Red Side.

So here are three fun tips to help you have fun and draw a good conclusion after your green session.

  • Don’t become complacent

Arrogance can have nasty consequences in the future.

Just as winning prompts us to take a better look at the game, winning often has the opposite effect, leading to overconfidence. We win, things go well, we’re happy, so why should we bother?

This is especially true for new poker players who are transitioning from playing poker at home with friends to online poker. When they win, they win They often believe early on that their success is a result of their play.

The problem is that if you focus too much on it, you might overlook weaknesses Overall results A positive session can really cost you money in the negative moments

  • Learn from mistakes

Winning can reinforce false beliefs, such as believing that a move that was technically wrong but (fortunately) led to a positive outcome was the right thing to do.

For example, a player might bluff and win the pot because he had good luck on the river: an inexperienced player might think he played well and therefore This happens over and over again in poker games. The future is H. Making the same mistakes over and over again.

In this way, he will learn the wrong lessons, which will lead to him experiencing some negative things in the meeting because of his arrogance in the meeting. Conversation games.

  • Overconfidence

For some players, winning is almost an exhilarating experience. In a sense, they feel immortal as they watch the stack grow and their ability to think diminish. Simply put, a win, especially if it happens quickly, can drive them crazy.

Imagine a player who increases his stack tenfold in two or three hours of play. He then started playing very aggressively because he felt invulnerable behind the stack. His opponents, more experienced than him, were starting to adapt: ​​they were taking advantage of his excessive reach, slowly eroding his leverage.

He was convinced it was the right thing to do, not to downshift and adopt a more considered and cautious style, but to carry on as he had done so far: after all, it worked, didn’t it?

Only at the end of the meeting, when you’ve destroyed yourself, do you realize what just happened. For the same reason, play in moderation and don’t get caught up in the confidence and arrogance that a few winning hands can give you.

A guide to avoiding arrogance when you succeed

ACR’s “mistakes” happen frequently, and other players suffer from them too

Complaints about ACR's

Victor Pertile reports on something he couldn’t believe happened over the past few days. One of the hands he played on the site was so corrupted by a site error that the platform didn’t even record it in its so-called “hand history.”

To-do list anyway: Victor Pertile made a hand on the river and folded a huge bluff to win a pot of 57 blinds that would have given him over 110 blinds. That stack would make him the clear chip leader in the four-way draw, with the winner taking home $44,000, the runner-up “with just 44 blinds,” and the other two within 10 blinds.

On late in the game, however, after the opponent folded, ACR displayed a card with the following message: “This hand was a mistake. The chips will be reset to the start of the hand. the previous amount, and a new hand was dealt. Pertile’s chips were again at 72.49 blinds, while the opponent involved was at 71.93 blinds.

Pertile felt he had been wronged and has since publicly inquired about the case. He said: The event ended in second place, behind the opponent involved in the hand, “LappyPoker” Justin Lapka. But he still received no reply and a quick search on Twitter revealed that ACR had appeared again ” Wrong trade” issue.

Some players have reported the same problem as the Brazilian pro – all in disbelief. And in different years. For example, in 2019, user Jake Hershey wrote: “I have never seen the wrong hand dealt on a poker site. How could this happen? “@ACR_POKER? User “OpusDogPoker” was also angry: “@ACR_POKER wait…what?” ! ? ! ? Why are the wrong cards dealt in online poker? This has happened twice…you are wearing us all out,” he also wrote in 2019.

For example, the following year, it was “John G’s” turn to propose something very similar Complaint by Pertile: “@WPN_CEO garbage@ACR_POKER $450 Main Event. When I got a 60BB pot on the river, I bet with my best hand and the guy tanked and his software said a deal error. How could anything go wrong on the river? ! ! ! ” the player wrote in his profile.

Last year, “MustardFan” experienced the same thing and wrote: “Man, how can abuse happen online? – Poker? ” Finally, to wrap up the list of examples, “NickeL 9” wrote a long post criticizing the company that developed the ACR software:

“This is unacceptable – ‘abuse’ in software. ” 2022? @ACR_POKER

In software terms, mishandling is bad software coupled with a severe lack of testing

You should really fix thisA) How did this happen? orB) How to avoid it in the future…”

As already mentioned, quite a few people suffered from ACR errors. However, none of them received a straight answer on this topic. Victor Pertile did. He has yet to receive a reply, but he has pledged to pursue the matter. He wrote on Instagram: “Regarding ACR, I have sent an email to support to my profile on IG Sent a DM, “I’ll wait until tomorrow for a reply. If not, I’ll have to add a little dimension.

Complaints about ACR's

Should there be general rules for trading?

Should there be general rules for trading?

WPT Director Matt Savage has sparked a heated debate on social media about whether specific rules are needed for tournament trading. The dilemma arises when, towards the end of a game, players decide to discuss arrangements for reallocating the remaining winnings.

Savage, who is best known for his role as tournament director, specifically sparked discussion by raising the possibility of clear rules. The Chips Value Index (known as ICM) is considered the basis for settlement. This approach is designed to protect less experienced players in negotiations from possible exploitation by more experienced opponents.

Matt Savage is one of them. The most influential race director in the industry.

“It’s always been a dilemma,” Savage complained on his social media. “Players feel that knowing how to negotiate a deal is a skill and they should have the opportunity to have interesting negotiations with less experienced players. “I’ve never liked it but there are a lot of people who are against this change,” added the director.

Many supporters responded with different opinions, one of them being grinder Eric Nathan. “I thought about it a lot too. Should more experienced people have an advantage because they can better force less experienced people into making bad deals? Is this part of poker or does it have other meanings? ” he wrote.

Not everyone knows how to negotiate a good outcome

Savage and other participants highlighted the ethical dilemma of exploiting less experienced players and pointed to the need for rule changes. However, there were also voices that argued that negotiation skills should be as integral a part of poker as playing poker The same techniques apply.

The discussion also touched on the distribution of prize money, with Savage arguing that winner’s tournaments should have the highest cash prizes to avoid a situation where the player who wins the most does not receive a trophy. Some live tournaments allow The payout is limited to a minimum amount for the championship, which is calculated as a percentage of the original prize.

“One thing I believe in is that the “winner” of a tournament should always be the championship winner. “Players who win the biggest cash prizes. I often see players who are no longer winning winning trophies. That sounds bad to me.”

The discussion continues and leaves an open question Question: Should stricter rules be introduced for poker tournament billing? The debate continues, with the community divided over the future direction.

Should there be general rules for trading?

Dennys Ramos wins $1,050 Secret KO HR from GGPoker FT

Dennys Ramos wins $1,050 Secret KO HR from GGPoker...

Ace Dennys Ramos bowed out of title contention in a 4-way draw on Monday the 5th in the $1,050 Secret KO HR [Mystery Bounty] event, boosting his bankroll by $77,613. Earlier in the day, Pedro Padilha won in ninth place for $15,918.

In the $1,050 Monday Monster Stack [Bounty Edition], “Alex Afonso” won the silver medal and $53,692 in prize money. Pedro Padilha finished seventh and earned an additional $10,932. There were 436 participants in the tournament.

Padilha didn’t stop there. The St. Paul native shined in Monday’s $840 Hyper, winning another $16,425.

In the $150 Monday Monster Stack [Bounty Edition], “Joy Boy 888” (1st place) and Felipe “FelipeAA23” Morelli (4th place) took home $36,188 and $14,620 respectively Dollar.

Eduardo “srjtdyfgukh” Silva rounded out the podium in the $250 bounty freeze. He earned $16,221 after defeating 431 opponents.

Dennys Ramos wins $1,050 Secret KO HR from GGPoker...

KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event pays BRL 2 million to winner

KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event pays BRL 2 m...

The country’s most important tournament this term, the KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event, offers something for every taste.

In addition to a beautiful diamond bracelet, the overall winner will leave the RIocentro Barra da Tijuca with a huge check of 2 million reais. The runner-up will also receive a seven-figure prize of R$1,200,000.

With 2,191 entrants registered, the Tour is very close to the R$ 11 million guaranteed for the Main Event. The competition continues until Wednesday the 7th. There are currently over 700 players participating in Day 2.


1. 2,000,000 reais

2. 1,200,000 reais

3. 725,000 reais

4. 455,000 reais

5. 330,000 reais

6. 262,000 reais

7. 214,000 reais

8. 181,200 reais

9. 155,000 reais

10-11. 135,000 reais

12-13. 116,000 reais

14-15. 97,000 reais

16-17. 79,500 reais

18-21. 65,000 reais

22-26. 53,000 reais

27-35. 42,500 reais

36-44. 34,000 reais

45-53. 27,000 reais

54-62. 21,500 reais

63-80. 17,000 reais

81-98. R$ 14,600

99-134. R$ 12,500

135-188. R$ 11,000

189-269. R$ 10,000

KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event pays BRL 2 m...

Rozvadov and Madrid have been announced as new sites for 2024

Rozvadov and Madrid have been announced as new sit...

With less than a month to go until the 2024 PokerStars Live calendar kicks off with EPT Paris, two more Regional Tour stops have been announced this March. The Eureka Poker Tour and the Estrellas Poker Tour return to Rozvadov and Madrid respectively to offer €1 million for the Eureka Rozvadov Main Event of security deposit.

Read on to find out how you can get entry to any of the festivals with the PokerStars Power Path.

Following the record-breaking event in 2023, the Eureka Poker Tour will return to action in March next year Return to King’s Casino in Rozvadov. From 8. If last year’s event is any example, the 18th is expected to draw even more viewers. The 2023 Eureka Rozvadov Main Event was won by Jörg Schneegass, who defeated 1,866 players to take home €187,335, making it the largest Eureka Rozvadov series in history. Rika Main Event.

Jörg Schneegass Czech Republic Champion.

This year’s Main Event offers a guaranteed prize of €1 million, and the festival also includes the Eureka Cup and High Roller.

Selected tournaments:

Eureka Main Event €1,100: 10-18. March (€1 million guaranteed). Eureka Cup €330: 11–15 MarchEureka High Roller €2,200: March 17-18

After Eureka Rozvadov, another popular local PokerStars live event returns with theEstrellas Poker Tour (ESPT) Madrid . The event, held at the Casino Gran Via in the heart of the Spanish capital, was won in 2023 by Jon Vallinas, who beat 756 players to win €102,470.

Jon Vallinas takes glory in Madrid.

Tournament Highlights:

ESPT Main Event €1,100: 20-24 March. ESPT Cup €330: 23-24 MarchESPT High Roller €2,200: 19-20 March

Rozvadov and Madrid have been announced as new sit...

Super High Roller – 500,000 GTD

Super High Roller – 500K GTD

Level 24: 25000 / 50000 – 50000.

Vlad Lache opened at 105,000 in CO, and Hugo Nazar paid in SB.

Flop: 8 2 2 2, Vlad bet 65,000, Hugo checked and called.

The turn: 3, the second pot of 185,000 handed the pot to the Romanian and Nazar folded.

Turn: 3, second bucket of 185,000.

Laughter: 1,000,000Nazar: 570,000

Super High Roller – 500K GTD

Are there rules of conduct for friendly interactions at the dinner table?

Are there rules of conduct for friendly interactio...

While there is no written manual of good behavior to follow at the poker table, or at least not in a standardized form, there are rules that players have adapted to make the gaming experience more enjoyable, although sometimes they are not followed.

This is a topic that has sparked a lot of debate lately, with why writing a letter takes so long and writing decisions or “tanking” being considered a bad practice that keeps popping up. CriticismsHowever, there are also those who believe that poker is a psychological game, and this can be a tool tohelp play with the psychology of your opponents.

Dan Cates has been criticized for not following the rules at the poker table.

Another issue that is sometimes questioned is excessive talking or insulting at the poker table which generally does not result in any form of penalty. It’s common for players likePhil HellmuthorDaniel Negreanu to say something tough after a bad game, although this can be interpreted asnormal ReactionWhile challenging the tilt, we must not forget the sportsmanship of poker.

Another example is when leaving a cash game: It is said

A big problem with this is thatonly a handful of settings that are classified as “good practice” are included in the rules. Instead, many of them are an implicit contract between players.

However, in recent years, organizers have been working hard to establish some laws that must be followed during the competition. sheet. Time cards are perhaps one of the best examples, although they include endings such as “A player may be eliminated due to misconduct.” However, this may lead to other conflicts related to liberal interpretations.

Are there rules of conduct for friendly interactio...

Jordan Sarkozy arrested in Canada after days on the run

EPT Prague Main Event winner Jordan Sarkozy arrest...

Jordan Sarkozy’s house collapsed. One year after winning the EPT Prague Main Event, the Canadian was arrested by Toronto and Halton Regional authorities on Tuesday (06). He is accused of being part of a burglary ring that burglarized more than 30 homes.

Sarkucci has been on the run since Nov. 28 and was arrested along with Dumark Lindsay, one of the other suspects in the Oakville gang. After the couple’s arrest, police impounded a Chevrolet Tahoe RST. The car had fake license plates and investigators determined it was one of the stolen items.

On November 30, Paul Nkrumah was arrested for possession of a Jeep Cherokee. The only suspect still at large is Marcel Blackburn. Saccucci won €913,250 at the EPT Prague and is the only one of four players with ties to poker.

Saccucci and Lindsay were charged with 68 misdemeanor and related felonies. The gang’s robberies occurred in the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario.

EPT Prague Main Event winner Jordan Sarkozy arrest...